The Regulator is a latest creation by Electroscopes by Thomas that provides a user with a ability to examination with materials they wish to detect.

This well-developed long-range locator is always pre-tuned for gold, though by inserting a specific high conductor in a representation compartment, a user has a capability to enhance their hunt to other changed materials formerly undetectable with an Electroscope.

The Regulator allows a user a quantification of a specific element and a rejecting of unattractive targets. The Regulator is suitable for all forms of value hunting, though it is glorious in a liberation of nuggets and coins.

Improved Discrimination

Can Locate Rings, Jewelry, Small Caches, Nuggets

Can Locate Meteorites, Platinum, Other Precious Metals

Includes Transporting Case and Soft Accessory Case

Includes Heavy Duty, Highly Conductive Ground Probe Accessory

Meter For Fine Tuning Signal Strength

۹ Volt Alkaline Battery

۱۰ Position Tuning